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Bernard Magee and QPlus

From July 2012 to January 2014, Bernard, Britains's best-known bridge teacher, commented on a QPlus (the very best Acol-playing software available) hand each week.

How to Play the Hand in QPlus

Start up your QPlus program and using the menus at the top right of your screen:
Select: DEAL / Match Control
This brings up a menu box:
Check 'Deal number' in the top left hand corner of this box.
Move to the line below and fill in the number of the deal.
(eg deal 900-01 is filled in with: major: 900 minor: 01)
Check the Scoring Method as 'Pair (MP)'

If you would like to see what the computer does itself you would select Comparison: 'Closed room' .


Search by Hand Number

Enter a hand number from QPlus to see if it has been commented on.

Find by Date Added

Why Buy QPlus?

coverNot only is QPLus really user friendly, but it is also the is the very best Acol-playing software available.

Features include:

  • a friendly interface
  • hint and help buttons
  • rubber bridge, duplicate and teams scoring
  • feed in your own deals
  • easily create your own system
  • pre-programmed systems include Acol, Standard American and many more.
  • instant results for teams, 2,500 hands to play at teams of four, 2,000 hands to play at matchpointed pairs.
  • For Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • Download Demo.    Buy.

Tutorial Software

Have you tried Bernard's tutorial software yet?

  • Acol Bidding
  • Advanced Acol Bidding
  • Defence
  • Declarer Play
  • Advanced Declarer Play
  • Five-Card Majors
  • Begin Bridge - Acol Version
  • More Details

Better Bridge with Bernard Magee

Three sets of 6 DVDs each of filmed seminars. Buy each seminar separately or in a boxed set of six.
More Details

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